Remasque vs. The Competition


Remasque is not your ordinary face mask. Our masks are built to last, are comfortable, can easily be cared for, and most importantly, have a personalized fit. Our masks have been under-development since the spring of 2019, more than 8-months before the COVID-19 pandemic. That's more than 8 months of prototypes, customer interviews, re-engineering, and market iteration to perfect a mask. And while no mask is perfect, we certainly have thought through every last detail from aluminum boning to adjustable straps, to fabric choices. Its hard to be objective, but we've tried to honestly grade our masks vs. the competition in certain aspects, such as (1) Comfort, (2) Care, (3) Fit, and most importantly (4) Safety. And if you're still not convinced, check out our reviews on our product pages for how users view our products.


Competition: B-
Most don't have adjustable straps. Most masks have elastic ear-loops. Ear-loops are not one-size fits all. For many, they will pull or pinch your ears. And after a day of wearing them, you'll never want to wear them again. Some masks may have latex straps too, a big no no for those that are sensitive to latex. Masks made of synthetic and polyester material may also cause irritation, discomfort and retain moisture. Moisture retention leads to bacteria which leads to odor.

Remasque: A+
Adjustable straps allow you to personalize the fit around your ear and keep your ears from pulling forward. The cross section of the bamboo fiber ensures a much better ventilation, soft and comfortable fit to the wearer. Remasque is made of Bamboo fabric, used often in athleisure, that's because Bamboo has excellent natural wicking properties. That's a fancy way of saying the fibers pull moisture from your skin and evaporate it into the air better than most fabrics. As a result, Bamboo has natural deodorizing properties. Wear our mask for a day and you will feel the difference.


Competition: B-
There's a wide disparity here. While masks made of cotton fabric are quite easy to care for, disposable masks can't be washed and must be thrown out after each use. .

Remasque: B+
Remasque is washable and reusable! Hand wash or machine wash in warm water. Our masks also dry very quickly either in the machine (tumble dry low) or on a hanger. You don't have time to wait or buy another mask. Get right back out in the world and protect yourself and others!


Competition: C+
Most masks come in only one size, lacks adjustable straps, and/or has no aluminum boning. When masks don't fit, it means particulates can find there way into the gaps between the mask and your skin. This is the number one way you can infect others or get infected. To be safe, you need to have a mask that fits.

Remasque: A+
Remasque really shines in this dept. from the rest. Our team's detailed R&D resulted a near perfect fit for most people. The pattern is designed to cusp your chin and ears through adjustable straps, to ensure a snug fit, while leaving room and extra fabric within the breathe and move your mouth. The Aluminum boning ensures you can shape the top trim to follow the contour of your nose and prevent and gaping. And of course, Remasque comes in multiple sizes. Use our "Size Predictor" on each product page to determine your size.


Competition: B-
Most masks don't fit well. When masks don't fit well, people often adjust them. But adjusting them means you're touching your face over and over again needlessly increasing your risk of transmission or infection. Poor fitting masks have gaping, or gaps, between the skin and mask, increasing the risk of particulates making there way in. Lastly, if your mask is uncomfortable, its going to be difficult to get yourself, let alone your family, friends, and colleagues, to keep wearing them. And wearing a mask will decrease your chance of transmission/infection by at least 50%. So, if it doesn't fit, its not comfortable, and its not easy to care for, it probably won't end up protecting you very well either in the end.

Note: Medical Masks, like those with N95 rated filtration are excluded from this category since they are meant for medical personnel and we do not recommend you purchase those, as shortages may exist. We do not sell N95 rated masks and do not endorse others to do so as well. If you have an N95 mask, please donate it immediately to your local hospital.

Remasque: A-
We saved the best for last. Our masks provide a near-perfect fit around your face, limiting gaps where particulates can penetrate. A built-in interchangeable sleeve allows you to insert an N-95 rated particulate filter for advanced protection. The structure of the eco-friendly and bio-degradable, bamboo and charcoal fabric controls moisture twice than that of a cotton fabric mask, making it naturally anti-bacterial.

Report Card
Competition: B-
Remasque: A

Remasque is the way to go. Not convinced? Check out our reviews or reach out at .