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Our story - How we started a face mask company

ReMasque was born out of a need for keeping our families and friends safe by utilizing the expertise and resources we already had in place through our established contacts. My husband and I live in a coastal suburb of Los Angeles with our 2 small children. Family is everything to me! My in laws live nearby however my own parents are on the east coast. When the novel coronavirus hit, we did what everyone did: we hunkered down and sheltered in place. Remaining isolated and safe was paramount on my mind however with my parents based just 20 miles from the epicenter of New York’s outbreak, I worried for them. With a diabetic father who had recently received a kidney transplant from my mother to treat his kidney disease, both of my parents suddenly became high-level, at-risk candidates of this deadly pathogen. I prayed for my parent’s safety and that they would not contract this virus, hoping that they would do what they could to follow the state’s shelter-in-place orders. Except the small town that they lived in did not have grocery delivery options so they were required to venture to the grocery store, putting themselves at additional risk. Nights filled with anxiety troubled me as I thought up ways to protect them ~ when it occurred to me that face coverings would become a necessity, not only for our most at-risk candidates like my parents, but for all of us: my family, your family, our neighbors, and communities!And sometimes the pieces just come together…My father-in-law is a world renowned garment technology expert. As shortages for supplies became widespread, he began donating CAD software and patterns to all of his customers around the globe that were pivoting their manufacturing to produce for front-line medical personnel. His worked helped to facilitate hundreds of thousands of mask and medical garment donations! Even as his own business prospects were uncertain and he faced difficult challenges, like many business owners, he put his own needs aside and assisted with training and execution to keep our front-line workers well-equipped.

Garment Manufacturing Expert - Ram Sareen - Remasque Advisor


Nearly a year prior to COVID-19, having played an instrumental role in the production of protective face coverings for front-line firefighters who battled the Australian brushfires, his knowledge of proper fit and filters were already established: prototyping, iterating on imperfections, and manufacturing ~ they had perfected their design! So when the CDC recommended that the general public wear face coverings, we realized we could immediately help scale manufacturing and build for rapid distribution. My husband and I built this e-commerce company to do just that; by leveraging our strengths to help get these high-quality face masks to protect the public while providing jobs for people right here in the U.S.A.
Thank you for your support! We are in this together!

Remasque Face Mask Manufacturing